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Liz was a bright shining light at a really challenging time in my life. She offered unlimited optimism and support to enable me to emotionally stabilise and move rapidly through compound grief. My favourite words of Liz which resonated so deeply; ‘sometimes nothing helps and that’s ok!’ Liz allowed me feel completely safe to let out the uncomfortable emotions that were arising and her calming energy was just what I needed to find my way back to feeling better! I will never forget how quickly her guidance led me to self compassion and full acceptance of the bereavements that had occurred. Eternally Grateful!


Liz has been a great person to talk to about my personal problems. She has been able to quickly understand my story and has offered various different perspectives and helped me maintain and nourish an important relationship in my life. She also helped me refresh and enhance my understanding CBT and I've been able to challenge self limiting core beliefs by exploring my childhood. Above all , Liz has a gentle and non judgemental presence and I felt comfortable opening up with her.


Liz is a very approachable counsellor, who I couldn't recommend enough! She is quick to put you at ease and foster a calm and supportive environment to discuss the challenges you are facing. She has helped me understand myself better and manage my anxiety which had been an issue for me over a long period of time.


Liz is so caring and understanding, she emanates a warmth that helped me feel able to share my most hidden parts. I was able to grow in confidence and self- esteem, really believe in myself as I made sense of the past and made peace with what was.


We have been referring clients who come to us to Elizabeth for around two years, where we pay the costs.

In that time we have had nothing but great feedback from the clients. Elizabeth has helped so many people in desperate need, which we are very grateful for! Elizabeth is highly approachable, caring, professional and someone we highly recommend!

We look foreword to continuing to work with you, Elizabeth and your support is deeply appreciated by all. 

Marie Connor

Hab-antibullying and mental health Charity

The Practitioner Network have been using the counselling services of Elizabeth Tuohy at Be Well B U Counselling for the last 3 years. Elizabeth always manages to accommodate our clients in a timely fashion and the clients have always been very happy with the outcome of their sessions.  We would highly recommend Elizabeth to both individuals and companies alike.


The Practitioner Network.

I was privileged to work with Liz at Lutterworth where she was the College Counsellor.  In my role as class co-tutor, I referred young people to Liz and in my capacity as line manager, staff too.  Liz practices a holistic, person-centred approach to counselling.  I have seen the outcomes of her practise; her calm, caring personality, reliable and practical approach made a difference to so many lives.  I am thrilled that she is now a supervisor and that less experienced counsellors will be able to benefit from her skills.  In her current practice, Liz takes referrals from statutory services which it is my belief shows the respect and esteem in which she is held.



Liz is a great counsellor! She made me feel very comfortable right from the start and helped me overcome lots. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Elizabeth is one of the most professional people I have ever met.  She is also gentle, kind and an amazing counsellor.

I worked with Elizabeth for nearly 20 years.  She is respected by her colleagues and her clients, able to work with a wide range of ages and groups with confidence and care.

I cannot recommend her more fully as a counsellor.

Cath Ruskin

I immediately felt at ease with Liz. Her gentle approach made it easier to open up about my past and what was troubling me. 


I learnt about new ways to approach certain thought patterns and improve my overall state of mind. 


If you are looking for an experienced, friendly and professional therapist, I would highly recommend Liz.


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