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Experience deep relaxation and reduced stress levels



Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese principle that certain areas on the soles of your feet or hands – known as reflex zones – correspond to other parts of the body. 


Around 3,000 years ago, Asian practitioners were massaging hands and feet applying pressure to certain points to stimulate organs, nerve endings and energy pathways to treat a number of conditions.


It is non-invasive and involves massage and pressure being applied to the feet or hands.


Reflexologists manipulate reflex points and nerve endings in the feet or hands that correspond to all of the systems and organs of the body. Over time congestion builds up and is found in the corresponding reflex corresponding to the part of the body that is 'out of balance'. Stimulating and clearing the reflex may restore balance and support the body's own natural healing responses. You will receive a free initial consultation where you will be asked about your medical history and lifestyle. This is so I can tailor your therapy session to your individual needs depending on any presenting conditions.


All of us need an opportunity to unwind, relax and re-balance.  Reflexology is suitable for all ages and can help with relaxation, reducing levels of tension, promoting restful sleep and boosting the immune system.


A treatment is usually an hour in length, please allow an extra 15 minutes for the first session in order to complete a medical history sheet. The room will be warm and comfortable with gently relaxing music and candles. A blanket will be offered and a pillow to aid comfort and relaxation. This is your time to relax, you may want to chat, some clients fall asleep. At the end of the treatment I offer tailored holistic advice to help encourage improved wellbeing.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLOGY?Reflexology can be a helpful treatment for common health related conditions such as back and shoulder pain, headaches, poor circulation, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, insomnia, bowel and digestive difficulties. It can be beneficial to anyone who has been immobile for a period of time or follows a too sedentary lifestyle due to work or home pressures. Stress can manifest as physical and mental ill health, for example; muscle tension, poor immune system, lowered energy levels or depression.

Reflexology decreases stress by creating a deep sense of relaxation helping:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Back & Joint Pain

  • Chronic illnesses or pain

  • Digestive disorders.

  • Fertility

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Migraines, stress & stress related conditions

  • Relaxation & Sleep disorders

  • Sports Injuries

  • Pregnancy related conditions


It would be beneficial where possible to reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake the day of your treatment and the day before.  Drinking plenty of water helps the body cleanse and clear itself of toxins. It is also advisable not to eat a large meal before a treatment.

Reflexology does not aim to diagnose or cure illness but rather to promote the body's powerful self-healing capability and improve physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It can help us return to a state of natural balance.
Reflexology is both great as a one-off deeply relaxing therapy or as a course of treatments to help reduce stress levels allowing physical, mental and emotional balance to be restored. 
Following a course of treatments clients often remark that they feel better and some report that an ailment has disappeared.  The holistic nature of reflexology benefits the whole body, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Feel free to ring me with any questions you may have. I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation which we can arrange at your convenience. If after speaking with me you would like an appointment we can arrange this at a time convenient for you.

One hour Reflexology treatments £60.00 

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